The Right Connection.™

For any type of electrical product to work properly and more importantly, safely, whether it be for a Residential, Commercial, or Industrial application, an Electrical Contractor must use the "right connection" from the start.  By choosing EMCO Electric International, LLC. (dba Electrical Resource International), as your source for Cable & Conduit Fittings and other Electrical Products, you get just that.

Family-Owned & Operated.

EMCO is a U.S., family-owned and operated company that has become a superior supplier to major OEMS in the U.S.A., Canada, and Central America.  We specialize in both domestic and international manufacturing of Conduit Fittings & Accessories.  We produce in all metals and materials including Steel, Aluminum, Zinc, Brass, Copper, and Non-Metallic substances, including PVC and Nylon.

Quality, Service, Loyalty, & Commitment are Standard.

At EMCO, you are family where Quality, Service, Loyalty, and Commitment are standard. EMCO provides a trustworthy, "single" contact point for their customers, resulting in lower production costs for companies looking to increase profits and compete in today's global market climate and economy.

40+ Years of Industry Experience.

From existing, new, and exclusive product lines, EMCO's experience and dedicated staff will take on your projects from conception to market including; Quality Control, Materials Logistics, Tooling, Testing & Agency Approvals, Custom Packaging & Labeling, Delivery & Distribution and Purchasing & Inventory Analysis.

With over 40+ years of industry experience, innovative ideas, wide array of products, and competitive pricing EMCO is . . .