Screw Drivers & Nut Driver Set, with Cushioned Grip & Handle ID

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MATERIALS:  Chrome Plated Hardened Steel & Acetate/TPV 



7 Piece Nut Driver Set

  • Used to tighten nuts and bolts requiring a lower torque than wrenches or ratchets
  • Commonly used in the appliance repair and electronics industries


Phillips, Square-Recess, Slotted Screw Drivers

  • Used as a tool to screw (inserting) and unscrew (removing) screws, using little torque and type of the head in the screw



  • Ergonomic, cushion grip handle provides increased comfort, control, and torque capabilities
  • Blade and size identification printed on head for easy selection
  • Black oxide blade tips are designed to ensure a tighter tolerance and more precise fit without slippage
  • Chrome plated to resist corrosion
  • Magnetic Tips hold onto screws
  • TPV cushion handle prevents slip resistance to chemicals, oils and most solvents
  • Precision machined tips