Chain, Jack-Single Loop, Lion-Double Loop, Steel

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FINISH:  Electro Plated Zinc




Jack Chain, Single Loop

  • Used for multi-purpose, general utility applications often to suspend fixtures such as lights or signs
  • Not intended to support significant loads or used where failure could lead to property damage or injury


Lion Chain, Double Loop

  • Used for multi-purpose, general utility applications often as lighting fixtures, animal restraints, swings, gates, playground, padlocks, boating, etc.
  • Lightweight, non-welded, weather resistant



WORKING LOAD LIMIT designates the maximum stress in pounds which should ever be applied to chain.  This refers also to chain in the best condition, when new, and when the load is applied uniformly to a straight, untwisted length of chain.  WARNING:  WORK LOAD LIMIT MUST NOT BE EXCEEDED.

BREAK TEST LOAD is the minimum load in pounds at which new chain has been found by experience to break, under tests in which the load is applied in direct tension to a straight length of chain with a uniform rate of speed on a standard chain testing machine.

NOTE:  Length per 100 links is subject to plus or minus tolerance of 4%