ERI® has the Bushings, Washers & Locknuts you need for applications requiring the protection of wires and cables, securing conduit and connectors and reducing the entry size of conduit.

ERI® has a variety of Metallic and Non-metallic Bushings used to protect wires and cables from rough edges of conduit and fittings.  In addition, Metallic Insulated Grounding Bushings are used to terminate Rigid/IMC conduit to a cabinet or enclosure, providing a bonding jumper to a neutral bus bar.

ERI's ® Locknuts are used for securing Rigid/IMC conduit or threaded connectors to a steel outlet box or other metal enclosure. In addition, Grounding Locknuts are used for securing and bonding and Sealing Locknuts are used where water-proofing is required.

ERI's ® Reducing Washers and Bushings are used to reduce the entry size of conduit.